Trusted IT Security Partner

Vulnerability Scanning Service (VA)

The vulnerability scanning service offers the professional support for vulnerability detection in your website, network devices, operating systems, databases, and middleware. Expert report and advice are provided for risk mitigation.

Penetration Test Service (PT)

The Penetration Testing (or Pentest) Service is an advanced risk assessment service to help you find exploitable vulnerabilities by simulating cyber attacks against your network system. The team led by our security experts will use professional tools to assess the risk level of customer assets from multiple perspectives, including the pentest for web applications, mobile application, internal and external infrastructure, Internet of Things and 5G security vulnerabilities.

You will get detailed reports to understand the risks in your own networks, systems, protocols or applications and advice from our security experts to make rectifications

Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Cloud-based DDoS Protection Service (DPS) service (Cloud DPS) provides multi-Terabit DDoS scrubbing serviceat your nearest PoP among our four global PoPs.

It supports both BGP diversion and DNS diversion to meet your different demands. The cloud-based service is easy and quick to access. It also ensures the maximal coverage when combining with premise-based DDoS appliances.

Managed Security Service

Managed Security Service (MSS), as a premium service, offers 24×7 monitoring, reporting, detection, and mitigation capabilities, fully in charged by Netsguard’s experienced SOC experts.

This service is applicable to Cloud-based, on-premise , and hybrid solutions. Our MSS fully maximizes your return on security investment and SLA through efforts in monitoring, response, reporting and consulting.