Industry-Leading Global CDN Performance

Maxcloud’s Cloud Shield security solution provides broad protection for websites and applications against all types of sophisticated attacks, including DDoS, web application, and direct to origin attacks, leveraging its high-bandwidth, globally distributed network with multiple tiered architectures.

  • Security at the edge with 30+Tbps capacity globally
  • AI-powered solution to provide up-to-date threat mitigation
  • Tight integration with cloud acceleration service
  • Self-configurable relesets with real-time logging
  • Delicated security research team to identify threats

Global CDN Services

Global cloud content delivery network(CDN) leverages edge service nodes to improve user experience by caching and delivering content close to end-users.

Leased Line to China

High performance, low latency private network connection to China. Ensure consistent performance and smooth user experience for sites outside China.


Our extensive network bandwidth and threat detection algorithms ensures worry-free protection when DDoS attacks attempt to inundate your service.

Web App Firewall

WAF protects applications from malicious attacks like injection attacks, cross-site scripting, sensitive data exposure, website tempering, directory traversal attack, and more.

Custom Ports

Support to use dynamic or private ports (49152 - 65535) as the access ports for different protocols.

24x7 Support

Support is available 24x7 to assist customers with mitigating an existing attack or implementing preventative measures for future attacks.

Content Delivery Network

Top performance is a must. Client-centric approach is what sets MAXCLOUD apart.


Quickly delivering heavy games anywhere in the world.
Reducing the burden on online entertainment servers at peak loads.


Our CDN helps keep latency to a minimum. The cache servers located as close as possible to your users pick up content from the origin and deliver it by the shortest rout


Global CDN and fast DNS hosting will ensure instant loading of web pages, while network protection will keep the website available in case of a DDoS attack.


Superfast delivery of media content anywhere in the world, and Faster loading of product cards and other images in any country of the world.